JD | “100 Transitions” Dissidence Video

May 4, 2020By hellagripBlog

“This video is a way of contributing to the scooter community during the lockdown and its only goal is to highlight the fun we get everyday from going on sessions together like we wish we could at the moment. I carry my camera at all time to help my homies with their scooter-related projects whether it be in Madrid, Lille, Barcelona, Lyon or Paris. Special shoutout to Rémi Flipo whose motivation led him to being the only one with a full part in in the video. You will find 35 riders like Maxime Bouzid, Nicolas Jacob, Flavio Pesenti, Boris Germain, Jonathan Perroni, Rémi Flipo, Auguste Pellaud, Didine Terchague and more. But you will also find others usually hidden in the shadows like Baptiste Tonnerre, Bradley Morrissey, Franck Sarcy, Balthazar Neveu, Lucas Wisdorff who have been highly contributing in their own way to the durability of what we like to call the Dissidence spirit This edit is a compilation of footage filmed between 2016 and 2019 that I have been stacking for the past couple years or so on my hard drive. Enjoy the video!” by HG Homie Jean-Yves Randriambelson aka J.D. ..

Kirk Svensson | “Lurking With” Trendkill

April 30, 2020By hellagripBlog

“We recently mic’d up Kirk Svensson for a day in San Francisco to cruise spots and ask questions for our new series “Lurking With”. Originally hailing from Chicago, Kirk is best known for his unique approach to riding and his psycho freak outs. Here’s a glimpse into his filming missions, his thought process for filming video parts, and backstories of past and present projects.” – Trendkill Collective..

Welcome to the Homie: Kirk Svensson

April 21, 2020By hellagripBlog

“It’s always a great day when we officially welcome a friend as a Hella Grip Homie. Today is bound to be one of those great days… heck, let’s be ballsy and predict a great week! Kirk Svensson has made quite a home for himself in the Bay Area, but our good times with Kirk extend way back to his Midwest days. I know it’s frustratingly cliché at this point to label someone as “chill” and “sick” but Kirk is, without a doubt, one of the chillest homies on the block, and he’s seriously sick when it comes to shredding. For someone who wasn’t born ‘n’ raised in California, he’s got the Cali vibes through ‘n’ through. Those vibes aren’t the ultimate reason why we’re here today. We’re here because Kirk has been there for the fellow Homies on local mission and long trips. We’re also here because he’s a mad man that will tear himself to pieces to get a clip (He also knows when it’s better to call it quits and crack open a domestic brewskie… or a Modelo). He’s stoked as fuck on life, and we’re stoked to be around stoked people (it’s contagious). Kirk is a guy you want on your missions, whether it’s for quick park sesh, an all-day-long city streets mission, or an afternoon of ditching the scoots and shredding the waves instead (cool, brah). Cheers to Kirk for unknowingly and casually becoming the homiest of homies! Time to celebrate and crack open a few icy Modelos.” By the Boss @mcmasher ..

Hella X Breakfast

April 11, 2020By hellagripBlog

The Breakfast (or BRKFST ) boys from SLO (San Luis Obispo) have been holding it down for their local county these past couple years. With so much understandable attention focused on Northern and Southern California crews, it was only a matter of time before the Central Coast riders remined us that they’re the glue that holds the state together. The Hella Grip Homies have had many an interaction with Breakfast riders on many a trip. A bunch of us met up recently for the A-Town Am competition and the coinciding premier of Breakfasts’ latest video, “AUNTRE” (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s now up on their YouTube channel, and it’s fucking delicious. You’re gonna want seconds). It’s been a while since Hella Grip collaborated with another brand on a sheet of griptape, so we’re more than hyped to release the “Hella Breakfast” sheet. Each sheet measures 6x24in and is available on our classic-formula griptape.  We’re all so stoked on this collaborative logo that we’re making stickers and shirts too. If these aren’t enough Breakfast goodies to fill your belly, then you can also visit Breakfasts’ website (www.bbreakfastt.com) to purchase some delicious product. You can purchase a sheet of “Hella Breakfast” at sloth-minded retailers. Shirts and stickers will be available on the Hella Grip Sloth Shop.” By the Bose McMasher ..

‘ZM3’ by Zack Martin

April 10, 2020By hellagripBlog

“The Homie, Zack Martin (aka Martini… you know this already) has done it all for Hella Grip over the years. He’s dropped a signature colorway, an OG Pro Sloth Series, and now he’s finally releasing his signature sheet. Zack ‘s third sheet of Hella Grip, appropriately titled “ZM3” is an enchanting homage to his new home of New Mexico.  If you’ve been driving in the USA for a while, you’ll probably recognize the Zia symbol that adorns many New Mexico license plates (it’s also the symbol on the state flag… fun fact). Take a trip to New Mexico and the first thing you’ll notice is the epic mountain landscape (That’s where the enchantment lives… and radioactive monsters). We’re loving the combo of army-green and orange in this logo, and we think it’ll match well with some other signature martini products in stores. Each sheet measures 6x24in and is available on our classic-formula griptape. Be sure to support the homie and cop a sheet of ZM3 from the Hella Grip Sloth Shop or other sloth-minded locations.” By the Boss McMasher ..

available at sloth minded shops worldwide..